I’m a licensed clinical psychologist And I used to work as a clinical instructor a faculty member over at Stanford University at the School of Medicine and prior to that I did some of my training also at Massachusetts General Hospital in Harvard Medical School, so I’ve seen a lot of different types of patients and pretty high level high severity patients As a psychologist who has worked in the San Francisco area providing services for patients I have a really clear idea of the gaps and services that are needed in that area and Rogers is going to be able to fill a huge gap which is this higher level of care and not just higher level of care but evidence-based higher level of care Rogers is providing a partial hospitalization program for OCD mood and ASD and these types of services use evidence-based practice cognitive behavioral therapy dialectical behavior therapy These are the types of therapies that have been shown again and again and researched to be really the first-line treatments for these types of difficulties I’ve seen a lot of folks come through Rogers in the past They come out the other end and they’re just you you see the difference that Rogers makes with the evidence-based practices that they provide It’s really unlike so many other systems out there, and it’s so exciting to be part of that group now

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