That is very usual, because it is difficult for people to request a peaceful world.
這也很正常的事, 因為你很難要求這個世界 Most of human beings need to rely on (eat) others’ life in order to survive,
因為我們大部份人類要食其他的生命去生存嘛 so there is no point to have such peaceful world due to a lot of resentment against human beings, right?
這你又如何能要求有一個和平的環境給你呢, 你結了那麼多怨, 是嗎 However, a few people think of this kind of profound questions in Philosophy.
但很少人想到這個比較深的哲學 That is, you hurt other living things for survival,
即是你是要傷害其他生命去自己生存的 so, your behaviours become the cause of hurting others…
那你的行為有這個「因」 Hence, how dare you request that noone should hurt you?
你又如何能要求沒有人傷害你呢 Simply puts, if people accept the Universe Rule of the cause and effect,
最簡單, 如果大家接受有宇宙有一個因果規律的話 people should know that they produce lots of causes (of hurting others)… For example, Japanese does not want to have volcanic outbreaks and earthquakes anymore…,
你種了那麼多「因」! 即如你很難叫日本不要地震、火山爆發的 but.. let’s consider that they kills many marine lives every day, for instance,
哇! 他們每天殺那麼多的海鮮 They like them fresh, such as Sashimi…
他們最喜歡食海鮮, 又 Sashimi 又甚麼的 They also like prawn meats. They cook living prawns directly with boiled water and let prawns die painfully…
又吃灼蝦, 燙着燙着地吃, 蝦兒還蹦蹦跳的 Sometimes, they cut prawns into pieces. In the disc of the Prawns Sashimi, the meats are reacting and…
有些蝦被切開來, 那盤「蝦刺身」還在動的呀 their heads are still moving. The prawns are not dead, when being eaten.
那蝦頭還在動呀, 還未死的 However, their meats are cut into pieces, when they’re still alive, right?
蝦肉則已被割下來了, 是嗎 Let’s imagine the picture that contains full of corpses on the table. Then, how could you request the peaceful world?
滿枱死屍擺開來的, 有着這個畫面, 那你怎能要求世界可以和平呢 With reverse thought, you become angry if someone treats you badly…
即是當事情倒過來的時候, 你就要發脾氣而已 When someone hurt you, it is very stupid of you to react angrily, because you are the cause.
到別人傷害你的時候, 你發脾氣是很愚蠢的, 事件是由你生起的 Therefore, we should understand the Universe Rule of the cause and effect.
所以整個宇宙都有因果 Everything is based upon the rule of the cause and effect (because of causes and because of effects). Nothing occurs occasionally.
全部都是因果的運作, 如是因, 如是果, 不會有偶然的 There is no occasional event. This concept is from India. Only India has such culture.
沒有「偶然」這回事, 這個是印度的, 也只有印度才有的文化 The similar culture is also in Tibet, but it is originated from India.
西藏都有, 但都是印度傳過去的 That is to say, every person or event surrounding you is not at random, for example,
即是說, 一個人身邊出現的任何人與事 your birth and the people or events you meet daily.
包括你出世, 或你每天遇到的人, 或遇到一件事 All are not at random occasionally.
不是偶然發生的 Every person or event you met has the past cause, and then being with such person or event is the present effect.
一定有過去的因素存在, 才有今天出現了你遇到的人與事這個「果」 This relationship is a set of special concepts in Philosophy.
是他們一套很特別的哲學來的 So… if you understand the concept of karma,
那麼如果你明白這個「因緣果報」的理論 you’d be awesome, because you could be very dispassionate to see everything around you.
你就很厲害了, 發生的每一件事, 你都會很冷靜地去看 For exmaple, Miss Cat sit beside me and perform this show. There has to be a cause behind.
即等於大貓你坐在這裏幫忙做節目, 也有一個「因」存焉 Why does she come here? In the infinite “Time and Vacuum”…
為甚麼你會來呢, 在這無窮盡的時空 and in the world with approximately seven billion people, we meet nobody but Miss Cat here. Behind this phenomenon, there would be a huge and complicated system to make things happen.
成七十億人, 個個都遇不到, 偏偏遇到你呢, 背後都有一個很龐大、很複雜的系統存在 Thus, if you are a exercise practitioner,
所以如果你, 作為一個練功的人 you should think about… when practicing…. Let me say again… We now live in the 4 dimension vacuum.
當練到….讓我想想…..我們現在在這個四維空間 If you can detect 5-6 dimension vacuum, your vision becomes wide enough to know more than others.
如果去到第五、第六維空間, 視野遠了, 我們就看到多一點了 In a nutshell, some practitioners can see the relationship between themselves and other people in the previous life.
有些人, 簡單一點, 看到前一世與其他人的關係啦 If the practitioners want to know more about the life before the previous one, their vision is not strong enough and the practitioners need more training.
再多兩世的關係, 功力又不足以看到了, 又要繼續再去修行 That means you need to dig deeper to explore and develop this functionality.
即是你要一門深入, 一路一路開發這個功能 “Vacuum is actually in the human brains!”
「那個空間其實在人腦裏」 We just use 6% of our brain at present!
我們現在用了百分之六而已 What if people reach 6% or more? Then, they become supermen.
去到百分之六, 就差不多稱超人了 94% of human brain which includes the brain nervous system is unused.
有百分之九十四的能量是未用的, 那大腦神經啊 That means if your brain waves are strong enough,
即是你用到那麼強的腦電波呢 your vision and notion are totally different with ordinary people.
你所有的視角、看法, 一切都會跟別人不同 You can sense multiple vacua.
看多了很多重空間 According to the later-stage research by worldwide scientists,
根據後期那些世界的科學家研究 they deemed that the Saints or Sages, namely, Sakyamuni,
認為那些大聖人, 例如釋迦牟尼 Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ and Mohammed…,
老子、耶穌聖哲、穆罕默德那些人 had the higher Intelligenz Quotient (IQ). These Saints or Sages activated more brain functionalities than ordinary people,
他們的智商, 開啟了的大腦功能, 比一般人多 especially, Sakyamuni. It is agreed that Sakyamuni used 100% of his brain.
但就認定了釋迦牟尼是整個大腦都用上了 All brain cells are active and fully utilized.
即所有腦細胞都全使用了 That’s why his vision is awesome (ie. strongest and widest).
所以他的觀察力那麼厲害, 好強啊 With this super vision, he can see everything thoroughly, so he can stand at the top of the world.
睇得很透, 他就有這個視野, 站得很高 In fact, all of us have the potential abilities.
但我們每個人都有的 However, most of us cannot use such abilities. That’s not good, so we need to practice hard.
但你是用不到的, 這就糟透了, 所以要練功啊

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