So we develop esketamine for what’s
known as treatment-resistant depression. So depression unfortunately is you know
very bad and very disabling. Treatment- resistant depression and many agencies
like the FDA basically classify that as people having failed to previous
antidepressant. Treatment-resistant depression is even worse and it’s got a
much higher suicide rate and people are very disabled etc. What we’ve been able
to find is that with esketamine treatment, we can treat severely suicidal
people who have been treatment resistant and a large majority of them respond and
often will respond rapidly. We basically came up with this treatment paradigm so
it’s an intranasal administration and you don’t go home with it. You get the
medication administered in a clinic setting and for the first four weeks you
get it twice a week and then once you’re better it gets spaced out to once every
week once every two week or even less frequent, so we’re optimistic that given
the unmet need for treatment-resistant depression thought that there’s millions
of people in the U.S. alone hopefully this will be a treatment that helps many many
people and starts to give them their lives back.


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