Hey everyone! This week’s video is something we’re all thinking about it’s New Year’s resolutions and I’ve never made one in my entire life Why? Stay tuned. (music) So like I said, I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution before and I honestly didn’t really realize that until now but the main reason being that we always set these unachievable goals and then we burnout “brmmph” It’s like my black and white thinking video I talked about we do like all or nothing and so it gets really difficult because we are setting these resolutions and by doing that, we are kind of setting ourselves up for failure so something that, that I would challenge you Challenge! I would challenge you to do instead would be to take the time to think about how far you have come this year. If you want to look back in your journal, or if you want to look back, however you tally or recognize what you are doing, if you are in recovery, how many days in recovery are you? have you slipped up less this year than you slipped up last year? I think it’s nice to look back and to kind of reflect on how far we’ve come because all year we are making changes, right? we are challenging ourselves to be better to do more,and we, I’ve been making videos now for over 2 years so if you stuck with me through this year, Ta Da! You just did a New Year’s resolution! You just bettered yourself you just worked on yourself. and that’s a lot of hard work, am I right? It’s a lot of hard work! So, give yourself the little pat on the back that you deserve you know, recognize how far you’ve come and instead of doing a New Year’s resolution this year, I would challenge you to sit down each week, if you can, or every other week, and think about how that week has gone or how those 2 weeks have gone and what you want to do better next time.. I find that, myself, to be much easier to manage and to see the changes and to work on myself because otherwise I’m thinking that I have 365 days to deal with this shit. I can’t, it’s too much. That’s like such a long, lofty, ridiculous goal so let’s work with like 7 days, or 14 days and let me know what you think. Share your goals. I think one of the things that is best for me is sharing them with friends because then they can kind of check in with me like, “Hey how’s that thing going?” You said you were going to start guitar lessons or you’re going to get back into therapy more regularly or whatever it is, right? They can check in with us, and they can see how it’s going, and we can say. “oh yeah, I haven’t made that call, I’ll call that person today, I’m going to get that going.” and it gives us someone to kind of hold us accountable a little bit but make them goals and little changes make them small and achievable all the research shows that we makes these goals that are way, way, way too lofty and all black and white. Make them more achievable. Like I say about stopping cutting, stopping bingeing, stopping whatever we are trying to work on, we have to lessen it first. we can’tjust stop, right? We’ve all tried that and it comes right back. It’s like stop smoking or something not that i’ve smoked before, ugh (coughs) but if you if you do, and you want to quit, you cut down one cigarette at a time you don’t just go cold turkey Am I right? So let’s set some goals let’s check in with one another let’s help support as we work towards a healthy mind and a healthy body in 2014 Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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