Music Playing Hi, I’m Sean with NaturaLawn of America When it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn, having a sharp mower blade is important. A sharp mower blade gives you a nice clean cut when you mow your lawn. A dull mower blade rips the ends of your turfgrass giving it a frayed look and causing it to lose moisture. Picture the difference between cutting a piece of paper with a pair of sharp scissors vs. ripping it with your hand. Not only does a dull blade cause a lawn to look bad. It also becomes more susceptible to disease, insect damage, or drought and heat stress. Sharp blades help preserve the plants color and won’t cause stress. Keep in mind, new blades are dull like this, and need to be sharpened before mowing. A good rule of thumb is to sharpen your blades at least 4 times during the mowing season. For more lawn care tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel. For any questions, ask us in the comments below. Or reach out to us via Facebook or our website. Thank you for choosing NaturaLawn of America. Do you want me to do a leg kick? I can leg kick pretty high. Ah that hurt, that wasn’t good, I shouldn’t have done that.

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