The fact that we are devoting so many
resources and attention to behavior health is really unique compared to
other hospital systems. Nationwide Children’s Hospital
recognizes that behavioral mental health is an important component of the entire
health of the child. What we are doing is we’re really developing services better
access to services across a continuum of care. We’re also looking at prevention as
another important component. Are there things that we can do to help kids
before they even develop behavioral problems or mental health illnesses.
Better understanding those factors are going to make a difference and can save
lives. That’s where research can come into a significant play. Together we
really are able to make a difference in so many kids and families lives.

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2 thoughts on “Children’s Behavioral Health: An Unprecedented Commitment

  1. I'm proud of NCH they really really need a new Behavioral Health building, the other one was so so so so old it was bad.

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