You have a school age child who is sick and
you’re concern about having them missed too much school. My name is Beverly Bitterman,
ARNP, Health and Wellness Consultant, here to talk a little bit about this topic. You
might be thinking, “should I send my child to school today”? Well, here’s some thoughts.
If your child has a fever of over about a hundred, I would definitely consider keeping
them home. The other parents, the teachers and so forth will appreciate that. But if
your child has a fever, you know, of 99 something and you think that they might make it okay
through the day, I would consider actually sending them to school. Also, you would not
send the child with acute diarrhea or with vomiting to school. So kind of handle some
of the things why a child might or might not go to school today. You may also be worried
that your child is missing too much school due to illness. If that’s the case, you might
want to take that up with the child’s teacher and or pediatrician. Is there some reason,
some underlying reason why your child is getting sick so often. Are they eating healthy foods,
are they getting enough sleep at night? Those sort of things that would help to boost their
immunity may need to be considered. Also, whether their, your child has been in a group
situation in the past. Maybe you have a kindergartener who didn’t go to a preschool and they’re just
in kindergarten now and they’re sick a lot. And I would tell you that that would be expected.
You might want to have a conversation however with your pediatrician about that. The other
thing to be aware of is what’s happening in that child’s classroom. Are a lot of other
kids are getting sick as well? Are they doing good, hand washing or sanitizing periodically
throughout the day? And make sure that your child, when they get home from school, washes
their hands. So those are just some tips and strategies for how to deal with illness in
a school age child. My name is Beverly Bitterman, ARNP, Health and Wellness Consultant and good
luck keeping your child healthy.

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