20 thoughts on “CDC Finds Possible Cause For Vaping Illness | TODAY

  1. Live Resin method and Distillation method use no chemical additives in the oil making process. Vaping clean naturally processed thc and cbd is harmless. Buy your products from reputable sites, which usually require you to be a registered medical marijuana patient w/proof. Not the sketchy untrustworthy sites.

    *Kids, vaping is for adults.

  2. This was said by the vaping community within a day or so when the (rash) ban everything happened. This is not news to anyone.

    Age limit isn't a bad thing. Banning favours is.

  3. None if this junk belongs in the lungs! People need to take care of their bodies young and old. Breathe air, nothing else!

  4. more lies,, its because people have worked out how to use them for their benefit and are vaping what big pharma dont want people vaping so its all out to now demonize what you were not very long ago promoting,,

  5. They should ban all the fast food places, companies that makes soda pop, the candy companies, and chip companies too. It is all bad and unhealthy for everyone and leads to early heart disease and childhood obesity.

  6. Is repeatedly breathing anything into one's lungs (e.g. tobacco, weed, vaping, etc.) an unknown risk to anyone these days? The answer is "NO", so two questions: 1) why are people so stupid to inhale any harmful substance? and 2) why feel bad for those stupid enough to do it? Maybe this is Nature's way of instituting Survival Of The Fittest among Humans.

  7. How can you BAN something that's in a black market? and i thought you have to be 21 and over to go to a cannibals shop. Im assuming those 29 patients are under 21? you can't help stupid.

  8. I don't think it's just a THC vaping I think it's all togethernot to say it's not just everything together with vaping is wrong honey I'm weak and round off a teaspoon of water but then they're going to have us inhale ithas a gas that turns back into liquid in your lungs just doesn't sound good to me little bit of a no-brainer there

  9. The host says: “that’s how so many people get it” @ 2:48. Clearly has not a clue on the subject and is just spreading lies

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