6 thoughts on “Causes and Treatments for Balance Disorders with Experts from Stanford Hospital’s Balance Center

  1. Why aren't my doctor's doing any of these tests? I have had some kind of balance issue for over a year now and have been to and ENT who said Vestibular Neuritis tried to treat with Meds, didn't work went to a Neurologist says its Migraine Vertigo treating with Meds still not working. None of these tests have been done. I have done VRT for 6 weeks and its still there. This sucks! It all started with a random "Panic attack" with my heart rate shooting up to 150 bpm which I have never had and from that day on I have been left 24/7 walking on a trampoline. I'm 35 years old. I just wish someone could help me but it seems Drs don't seem to know how to correct the issue. I feel like they just throw meds and hope it works then its see ya in 6 months!

  2. SCDS is a balance disorder often overlooked. This post explains:

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