You know I’ve been to lots of different celebrations around recovery And I think of breast cancer recovery or you know opening of new orthopedic hospitals It’s just really awesome to be able to be a part of a community celebration around recovery and mental health I think that’s relatively new for our community and fun to be a part of it and for it to be on the grounds of the new Rogers hospital You know this is a for many of us a once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity to be able to be inside an inpatient psychiatric hospital People might have some ideas about what that’s like And I think they’re going to be very surprised to be able to see the healing environment That exists so it’s going to be a really neat opportunity for families for our employees for people in the community to come to the grounds of the new hospital and Celebrate together as a community at the event we’re going to have live speakers which is going to be a neat opportunity For us just to get to know people who have lots of wisdom to share with us there’ll be community partners from the Faith Community They’ll be community mental health providers there’ll be Advocacy organizations that are going to join together as we celebrate that unique path of recovery that each person discovers Another cool part of the afternoon is going to be that we’re going to have school groups and some youth serving organizations They’re going to be here singing doing their performances in their own voice of celebrating what recovery and resiliency means for them So I really hope that people in our community will consider joining us on that Sunday afternoon as we celebrate Both the opening of the hospital and recovery in our community with our many community partners

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