Hey everybody! Today were going to talk about the difference between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. So let’s get to it (Music) I’ve heard from a lot of you that you had questions about what the difference was between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder and I’m here to tell you about it. So, I have a bunch of notes and I have my DSM on my lap so if you see me looking down and around, it’s because I’m double checking myself. uhm In a nutshell The difference between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder are that borderline personality disorder as with all personality disorders, it’s a pattern of behavior that goes on for a long period of time. Bipolar is more labile mood focused, so things are going up and down. and I will get into a little more detail as we move through this. I also think it’s super important to note that BPD commonly co-occurs with depressive disorders and bipolar disorders. Therefore both criteria are met, you can get the diagnosis for both. Yes, there are going to be differences that I’ll point out, but know that if you suffer from both that is completely normal. and its something that’s actually very common and if you want more information about borderline personality disorder click over here! I’ll have this open in a new tab so you can watch it after this video. If you want more on bipolar disorder, Click over here. This will be a short playlist because there are a bunch of variations within bipolar disorder. wether its one or two or cyclothymic There’s a lot of things to talk about but that will also be in a new tab so you can save that playlist and watch that later. The main difference between bipolar disorder and BPD is that bipolar disorder is episodic meaning it comes and goes. we’ll have a couple weeks of depression, maybe and a week of mania. We may have hypomania and then depression or dysthymia. we may come and go on kind of that, you know, graph that I drew on the whiteboard when I talked about bipolar disorder all those many moons ago. We kind of go up and down. It’s very episodic. BPD, on the other hand, doesn’t come and go. It’s present and they talk about being pervasive. That it’s consistent, it’s palpable, it’s like we, it’s all the time. and there’s also a caveat in the BPD diagnostic criteria stating that it must not be diagnosed during an untreated mood episode. So, therefore if you do struggle with bipolar disorder if your not getting help or treatment and your manic BPD cannot be diagnosed during that time. Now I assume that it can’t be diagnosed during that time because it’s really difficult to tell what symptoms are coming from what and so once everything is being treated and your getting help then we can see where the symptoms lie and what proper diagnosis may need to be given. These two diagnoses do often get confused with one another because they have a lot of symptomatic overlap especially when it comes to mood lability and impulsivity. and just as a reminder, I’m going to read a little bit about what borderline personality disorder is and I will, while I talk about this I’m going to talk about how it differentiates itself from bipolar disorder. It starts out by saying a pervasive patter of instability and interpersonal relationships, self image and affects and marked impulsivity. beginning in early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts. It talks about issues with imagined or real abandonment and if you remember, with regard to bipolar disorder, it talks about having mania and a manic episode to be diagnosed with bipolar I. That meaning we have inflated self esteem and grandiosity. Which we don’t see in BPD. Flight of ideas, being more talkative. Those are not symptoms associated with BPD Also with a major depressive episode markedly diminished pleasure or interest in things, depressed mood most of the day everyday. You can see how these two diagnoses can overlap with regard to mood lability and impulsivity. But when you really start to look at the symptoms and I would encourage you to rewatch my videos on borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder you can see actually how very different they are. Bipolar disorder, I think is really important just to note that it’s episodic There are episodes, they come and go. Maybe week, two weeks at a time. Borderline personality disorder is pervasive. There are no breaks, it doesn’t come and go. it stays. So I think if you are concerned wether your diagnoses is correct, notice wether you think it comes and goes. Do you have episodes? Obviously everything can be worse during triggering environments and better when maybe we’re not stressed out and nothings triggering. but overall, do you feel like it’s pervasive? It’s there all the time, at somewhat of a regular level or do you feel like you kind of go up and down? feeling really excited, really energized and then feeling like total shit and feeling really depressed. Is it like that or is it constant and impulsivity can happen at any time? because in my mind that’s how I differentiate bipolar disorder vs borderline personality disorder. and I hope that that helps. I know that there are a lot of things that can be confusing with the DSM and honestly that why I don’t encourage any of you to purchase it. It’s not something that’s really helpful for those of us who are struggling with mental illness It’s only something that’s needed if you’re a clinician and you have to diagnose people. and I think it’s very limiting, I don’t think the DSM is the end all be all. I know I’ve said that a million times but there are a lot of things its missing There are a lot of things that are confusing and so I hope this video helps kind of sort that out. and if you have experience figuring out which one was you or if your diagnosed with both can you leave it in the comments below? because that’s the great thing about our community is that together we learn more, through each others experience. I’m just telling you what I seen what I’ve read and what I know. That doesn’t mean that your experience is going to be the exact same. and the more we share the better and if you want more information on stuff like this click over here, if you’re new to my channel or old and you haven’t subscribed, click over here to subscribe and if you wonder what I’m up to in my daily life, click all along here I post all sorts of weird shit all the time and you don’t want to miss it! and I’ll see you next time! I also think its imper impertant it’s impertant, super impertant. So much so that I can’t say it properly. with depressive ok sorry I was like wait how do I want to say that, ok. blulululululup k

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100 thoughts on “BIPOLAR DISORDER vs BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER – Mental Health with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

  1. I think Journaling helps. I think im going to document more and just share it with my therapist, if she wants to read my journal which she probably will. Its hard to track my cycles cause of my moods, Ive been trying to be better, but even the Pyshcritst is confused after 8 months and now a whole team is evaluating me. it either cyclothima or bdp or both, or whatever else they have up their sleeves lol

  2. Thank you so much, Ms. Kati for providing this video. I feel like some of the explanations people or the internet provide are way above my head. I am doing a video to explain this disorder in American Sign Language for one of my classes I am in and your videos really helped me. Again, thanks!

  3. Should I give up on my marriage for his sake because I'm bpd…I don't wanna keep dragging him down if there isn't any hope..

  4. I totally agree with you about the DSM book, some see it as the Bible to mental illness but I see it as only a guidance book, but to which lacks an abundance of other information on the wide variety with to which an illness can be. Hope that makes some sense..

  5. I had a manic episode last Christmas but I don't have bipolar disorder, my dad does so he could spot that I was manic . I think it might have been my adhd , add , and anxiety at the same time ? I have no idea

  6. Hi Kati, I'm new here on your channel, but I've got to say I enjoy it very much. I like learning as much as possible about people and how we function.
    I have some questions though, and hope that someone can answer me, I would be very thankful. So, is it possible that a sociopath pretends to have bipolar disorder, or BPD, or any other disorder just to fit in in a group of people? Is it possible that said sociopath even lies to their doctor in order to be diagnosed?
    And then, is it possible that said person is not and it's just coincidental that they, and another person from the group go through the same at the same time?
    Thanks 🙂

  7. I'm bipolar typ II and in a borderline support group with meetings every 2 weeks because the group leader is bipolar and borderline. The common ground is there and sometimes more than with people who have only depressions.
    Through your Video i realised how good the fit is, especially when it comes to the spontaneus behaviour and self doubt for beeing emotional.

  8. I am currently diagnosed as Bipolar, but have been told several times (note, I was under 18 at the time, so that may have inhibited any sort of personality disorder diagnosis) that I am Borderline symptomatic. However, as I get older and have been off of meds now over a year, I notice that while I do identify with the bipolar piece (intense mood swings) they aren't exactly episodic like you describe. They're very quick, sometimes my mood changing multiple times in a day. Sometimes what I call my mania or depressive "episode" will last a few days, but that's the longest they ever do before completely switching up on me. Also, the INTENSE fear of abandonment, presence of self-harm and eating disorder, black and white (love/hate) thinking are only becoming more prominent with time. I am seeing a new psychiatrist a week from today, but don't exactly know how to go into it, or what to say. Should I just stick with my Bipolar diagnosis and work on that? Or should I mention my above concerns?

  9. I have major depressive and was diagnosed BPD in january, a friend of mine does also have BPD and she recently told me that they just diagnosed her bipolar too. BPD and MDD is destroying me but I couldn't imagine the chaos that she's dealing with with BPD and Bipolar at the same time.

  10. I was talking to my therapist about these episodic emotions I have regarding depression/manic-like symptoms and she wanted to know more about the frequency and environment in which they are experienced. But obviously she’s not going to diagnose me with anything until my brain is nourished again since things have been really bad with my eating disorder. I used to think I was bipolar but the mood changes might be a result of malnourishment.

  11. I feel like I should be diagnosed as both. But just started seeing a psychiatrist and therapist. So we’ll see. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  12. is it still bipolar disorder if my mood changes suuuuper fast? sometimes it’s weeks before my mood changes and sometimes i feel like i shift multiple times per day. could that be bipolar?

  13. Iv been diagnosed with both and its pretty damn hard. Day to day with the BPD and then sometimes the bipolar takes control for usually a few weeks, couple weeks in mania followed by however many depressive then it goes for awhile. Awful when your constantly playing catch up with yourself.

  14. I've been diagnosed with both and I struggle with which one to pay attention to and I suppose treat first. I struggle with how I can be both bipolar and bpd at the same time.

  15. Please can you do a video on the dual diagnosis of BPD and Bipolar, I really want to know more and there isn't enough information/studies on it

  16. Thanks for not stumbling over the S word and feigning embarrassment (oops). It makes you seem more "real" and identifiable. I hope life brings you much good shit.

  17. Is there any reason my friends symptoms get worse after being told what label to say they have?
    And is there anything I can do?

  18. Thank you for posting these types of videos. My therapist just diagnosed me with BPD yesterday and led me to your videos and it's helping me come to terms with the diagnosis a lot and understand why I do the things I do and how it's different from other disorders. I am very appreciative and hope you never stop helping people learn more and stopping the spread of stigmas towards mental illness/disorders. 🙂

  19. I was diagnosed with bipolar depressive disorder a year ago after having my first manic episode. It was scary and i was hospitalized because of it. I tried therapy but when we started talking about trauma I couldn’t handle it so I stopped going but Im more open to the messaging ones since i feel more articulate when I write. Anyways it’s nice to watch videos about it because it is nice learning about it so I can tell people when I do things while on episodes. I’ve only tried to kill myself twice after learning about bipolar disorder but i dont think it’ll happen anytime soon.

  20. I'm a little confused… for the longest time I was told I had M.D.D , recently I saw a Psychiatrist that told me I have bipolar and Borderline personality disorder. I never feel "high on energy". I get severely depressed, I was told I live on the "depression line" therefore my manic is when I feel like my normal self. Anyone out there familiar with this?

  21. with different doctors and psychologist they're can't put me in a group BPD or bipolar
    It's difficult because the kind of therapy is completely different 🙁

  22. Big problem with this on a medical chart, they both have the abbreviation of BPD and one can be treated for the wrong disorder.

  23. My question is can you have BPD, but only internal? I hear it and feel it and think about it constantly, but I don't show it or talk about it nearly as much.

  24. Hey Kati!! I got married recently (just paperwork part but still!) My husband is diagnosed bipolar and sometimes I get really confused with what he has because if things get REALLY stressful and I suggest we take a break(like me leave for a day) or in the moment mention breaking it off he mentally jumps to then keep the dog make sure she's safe and healthy and I'm gonna disappear" and I don't mean walk away and start a new life….that always feels deeper than bipolar to me but is that a symptom with bipolar? I know it's more than that in several ways but….it's such a confusing disorder I just cannot understand.

  25. My mom is Bipolar and I have BPD, so this was really instrumental in learning where our issues overlap and differ. Thank you for this!

  26. I’m Bipolar Disorder and severe PTSD/ADHD! Fun stuff! 😂 I’m studying to become an Clinical Psychologist with a Doctorate. Thank you for your very well informed videos on mental health disorders and issues. I agree with you 100% let’s rock this industry and help lots of people including ourselves!

  27. Volunterally brought myself in to keep myself safe after weeks and weeks of having a major depressive episode and snapped when my roomate and I had a fight and I needed to move. I got diagnosed with BPD with a discussion with a doctor for less than 10 minutes. I tried telling them I know the difference between Bipolar and BPD, and they should really consider BiPolar 2. I had a suicide attempt a few weeks later after release as the thoughts got worse and triggered by life events. After the attempt I suddenly felt energized and the thoughts disappeared and so did the depression. This has been happening for years…up and down. They are still sticking with that BPD and its frustrating when you dont get heard.

  28. Thank you Katie so much for this video. Overwhelmingly validating and you’re so appreciated. Sending light n love your way 💛🌞👁

  29. Hi! I'm new here… I have been a long time Bi polar 1 with severe anxiety. And recently diagnosed with BPD as well. I have a number of co morbid disorders on top of this. But I have found that dealing with the swings of bipolar and the other disorders is easier to manage through my 3 1/2 years of sobriety. It's the BPD that was always the mysterious extra component to the whole equation that kept holding me back. I am starting with a new therapist very soon, but educating myself as much as possible in the mean time, and finding your videos very helpful with my understanding of what this all is. And what it all means. Thank you for your honest, sensitive, inspiring and non judgemental approach. ✌❤

  30. Now that so many people have taken an autosomal DNA test you can check for markers indicating bipolar there (even if yoou did not order health effects data you can submit with Promethease for $5 and get them).

  31. I have both. I find that with my Bipolar episodes, there’s no “reason.” But with Borderline it’s all about “what person pissed me the hell off” basically

  32. I was just diagnosed bipolar even though I’ve never had a mania episode.

    When I told them that, they told me mania is different for everyone. It’s so frustrating getting told I have bipolar disorder because I have impulse issues, or just flat out make stupid decisions.

  33. I was recently diagnosed bipolar at an inpatient stay. I suffer from all the symptoms of BPD and my psych at the hospital told me it was a very high possibility that I also have BPD, he just couldn’t diagnose it without seeing me over a long period of time. I’m not so much concerned about diagnosis as I am proper treatment. I can say for sure that my symptoms are extremely pervasive however I also go through episodes as well.

  34. Think I have both been diagnosed both but the abandonment thing I do not have..I’m like if you don’t like me bye lol..I’m so confused

  35. I struggle with both of those and have been going through it and diagnosed from an early age. I am also- besides the 2 mentioned, I have to add on PTSD, AD.D., ADHD, Manic Depression totaling 6 different illnesses. Your videos are VERY helpful and you have great insight. It's easy to learn from your videos, which I like very much!! -Benjie

  36. You're observations are absolutely correct in my experience. I was diagnosed with Bilolar 2 (Rapid Cycling) and CPTSD. There are definitly times when you might think my diagnosis is Borderline Personality. However, once you take a closer look, you can see that's absolutely not the case. The Bipolar 2 is episodic while the CPTSD is more pervasive in nature. I've been under the care of professionals for 33 years now. Never once during that time frame have I been diagnosed with anything other then Bilolar 2 and CPTSD. When you come right down to it, I simply don't fulfill the criterion for Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, DID (or any of the other Cluster B Personality Disorders), but I tick almost every single criterion for Bipolar 2 comorbid with CPTSD. Since I've been studying Mental Health issues, I can see how Mental Health Workers could have a difficult time pinpointing a diagnosis accurately. So many of the symptoms overlap with the different disorders, clinicians clearly have their work cut out for them.

  37. Thank, I've been struggling to figure this bc I'm both and I your right during mania I'm fully operational. However, during deppresive episodes I just feel like ending it all. Ironically, I also suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder which throws me into depression. Winter is a nightmare. I've been treating naturally with Matcha Green Tea, with Bay Leafs raises serotonin, Tumeric for brainfog, cashews helps feelings of helplessness or depression. I have a better handle on Bipolar states during summer months when the sun is shining. Melinated people really need sunshine. Thanks for the clarification.

  38. Thanks for this video:)

    What if you are already diagnosed as having BPD?

    Also there are different kinds of Bi polar disorder so how can you tell if you have both Bpd and a specific kind of bi polar disorder as well

    It’s really confusing to try to see if the depression is related to bi polar and if you are having bi polar episode of maybe hypomania/elevated mood and depression/low mood after

    Or if it’s just the extreme highs and lows of BPD and anxiety that causes depression – because if you aren’t depressed all the time then what is causing that?

    Sorry wrote a lot!

    Thanks again

  39. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD and after watching your videos on BPD I realize I have many of the BPD symptoms. But I also have a question. I have noticed over the years that because I couldn't really be what I wanted to be in life I've taken comfort in trying to be a fictional person or a real person or a person in strong man folklore. Recently I've noticed I've actually taken on the behavior and mindset of numerous characters. Is this also a form of BPD?

  40. What’s the difference between bpd & bipolar 2? You only need one manic episode to be diagnosed such so it’s a constant state of depression with one 3 month break of mania.

  41. Hi Kati, love your channel! I've been diagnosed w BPD and Major depressive disorder. Every blue moon, like now, the past few days I've been experiencing increases impulsive sexuality, lots of energy, and wantin to multitask. Could it be possible that I actually have bipolar or does the BPD mimic bipolar hypomania. Also a few days after my "intense energy", I begin feeling incredibly agitated and my body aches and the impulse to crack my knuckles, scrape my wrists, finger tips, or shoulder blades, becomes annoying. Or is it something else? Thanks in advance! You're a gem.

  42. I only recently learned that BPD and Bipolar can actually overlap and it makes things so much easier to understand. Thanks for your clips, Kati. They do help so much.

  43. I have BPD diagnosed but my older sister is diagnosed with both BPD and bipolar and I've noticed the ups and downs. So I fear I might have bipolar alongside BPD I know for sure I have major depression and psychosis issues with that. I know this happens with bipolar II. Though I don't know if I'll get any answers about it due to my family not being able to afford any therapy.

  44. My mother was diagnosed with BPD and Narcissistic Disorder 6 years ago. I am the oldest of 4 children and wish I had known this when I was 9. Maybe I would not have suffered all my life with abandonment and depression issues. Maybe I would've been more understanding that my mom had an illness. Thank you for helping me see in this video that my own daughter suffers from BPD. She is in her 40s now. All her life she has had an insatiable need for attention. In addition, she is a hypochondriac, She says doctors roll their when she complains nowadays. I used to wonder why she has kept a giant basket of the many meds she takes out on the table for all to see for decades. When she was still at home I always felt like a failure as a mom because I could never quench her need for attention. Is this something that could be inherited? I took a NAMI course in my community to try to understand mental illness as an ILLNESS. I get so irritated and I want to be more understanding. It helped some. Growing up with Mom having it, I should have known my daughter has it but my reality is that I first go to that place of what did I do and it's all my fault. Now I just want my daughter to feel better but the boundaries I have to set to protect myself from being manipulated and bullied are causing me to feel like the worst parent on the planet. I am not okay and feel myself slipping into a major depression at times…like now. At 65, I'm ready for release from the pain of having relatives with BPD. Where do I go? I go to that place where I just want to end my life and of course I know better. Thank you for your video which helped me understand my daughter has BPD.

  45. I use to have 45 days depressed and 2-5 days maniac. Diagnosed whit BPD two years ago but know they think it might be Bipolar :/

  46. what if someone feels this emotional shifts, like really excited and energetic to really down and sad and lost but during a day rather than over weeks?

  47. I sometimes feel euphoria I do bizarre things I'm impulsive I was diagnosed with bpd in 2006 I don't feel empathy I sometimes feel that I find myself doing bad things and unable to stop

  48. Swallow my other comment. I had a question that is inside the explaination you gave. The question is, how much influence has the first discovered DSM diagnosis, on the discovery of the full picture. The reason I ask has to do with one diagnosis not being able to be made, while an other is active. But if the active one is yet unknown, this correction might fail. When the full picture is known, is it standard that the diagnosis gets corrected with the power of hindsight, or more likely that this correction does not, or hardly happen? The personal reason for asking, obviously, is that in my case the correction with the power of hindsight was rather not unsuccessfull. And I try to find out if this was bad luck, or a more structural danger? (hence the third reason is based on a sort of an, don't fix, what isn't broken situation)

  49. I have both. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s a battle to do the simplest thing that “normal” people don’t have to think about like getting out of bed, eating, showering, brushing teeth, etc

  50. Well I wasn’t personally even told I had BPD when I was originally diagnosed… always was under impression MDD recurrent. But They are so similar that for myself bipolar went misdiagnosed and/or undiagnosed for 12 years. Not one doctor ever told me of my diagnosis of BPD, I was told I had Treatment resistant depression. And that I may eventually grow out of it so when I went 5 years no major symptoms I thought I had “grown out of it” until things where going great, I was in the running for a huge promotion and should of been on top of the world, but I was going into a major episode of depression which landed me in hospital, a year and half later I’ve been in hospital twice, no longer have a job, and have only just recently been out on a med that has had me stable now for 4 months.

  51. Like all psychologiests you look at DSM/ICD and make your own story… xexexee… so there are no experts… sick off them, they need notes but they are all experts… I can be expert like this…

  52. What's the difference between cyclothymia and the mood shifts associated with borderline personality disorder?

  53. I'm diagnosed with both. I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 39. My life could have been a lot easier if this was diagnosed earlier. Understanding myself better and being able to have a heads up many times from warning signs if I'm about to go up or down helps a lot. Even if it is only knowing, that in itself allows me to warn others close to me so they can understand what's going on

  54. I was diagnosed with BPD first when I was 28. Then got a bipolar 2 disorder diagnosis added on WITH my BPD when I was 37. But I have not had hypo manic episode since I was 38. Sooo….. Wtf. Both BPD and bipolar 2 are on my chart for years. I'm 41 yrs now.

  55. Thank you so much you helped me so much. I have had some therapist tell me i had bpd and ptsd and they were treating me fore years for bpd. And then i went to knew one and they said on the first day i had bipolar.

  56. I don't understand the difference between rapid cycling bipolar and BPD? Are the mood shifts in BPD always triggered? I feel like some of my moods are triggered and some aren't at all. My energy, sleep, and confidence is up and down like a yo-yo. But I do have BPD breakdowns post rejection. Also have long episodes of depression and some episodes of high motivation/activity etc. Starting to think I have both

  57. i think i may be suffering from quiet bpd, because i have all the symptoms of bpd but i "act in" instead of "acting out". the symptoms are here but i'm internalizing all the emotions i feel. and i'm scared it will be hard for the doctor to give me my diagnosis.

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