Hey guys, it’s Hannah. Being a woman and living with bipolar disorder. Okay! So I know both men and women face challenges when you live with a mental health condition but some of them are very different
and they do pertain to our gender. So all you men out there, please
comment below or do a response video and share the difficulties that you face living with bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety
that more pertain to your gender. Okay. So as a woman living with bipolar 2 disorder, a lot of my emotional reactions have always been pointed towards the fact that I am a woman which prevented me from receiving treatment. You know. “Oh! It’s a girl thing.”
“It’s that time of the month.” Ladies, how many times have we heard that,
with or without a condition? You know, “She’s a teenage girl.
This is what they go through.” “Women are dramatic and overly emotional.” And so I would think a lot of times
that those extreme mood swings and emotions really just had to do with the fact
that I was a woman more so than I actually had a condition
that needed to be treated. A major difficulty that I faced
as a woman living with bipolar disorder is that bipolar is used more as an
adjective to describe irrational, out-of-control, psychotic women more so
than it is referred to as a condition. And about a week ago, I was at a social event. And when somebody asks me,
“What do you do for a career?” I say I’m in media
and I’m a mental health advocate. I do not say that I have bipolar disorder
because that does not define me. It’s really interesting the things you hear
after you say that. And the guy pointed to his girlfriend and said:
“Well, I think she has bipolar.” And I said, “Well, why do you think that?” And he said, “Oh, she’s always overreacting and emotional and everything.” And I kind of looked at him and said: “But wait a minute.
Do you really think she has bipolar disorder?” He was using it as an adjective, basically, to point out his girlfriend’s overreaction
to the things that he says, in my opinion. And I want to hear what you guys have to say.
So, again, please share your thoughts. I have had more women come to me
talking to me about their relationships with a man with bipolar disorder. I think as nurturers, women, we’re more likely
to engage with men who have the condition versus men engaging with women
who have bipolar disorder. I’ve heard men say about me, chicks are crazy to begin with so forget even…
I don’t care how good she looks, I’m never gonna date a chick with
bipolar disorder. They’re more likely to like not even give it a chance because they’re thinking to themselves, “I can barely handle a woman’s emotions naturally,
so forget a bipolar woman.” I want to hear your responses, women and men, what you think about the
gender roles that we play as well as living with a mental health condition
like bipolar disorder. So I look forward to all of those. And I will see you next week. Bye.

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18 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder in Women:

  1. Hey Hannah, I have only disclosed that I have Bipolar Disorder to one guy that I was dating, and it was because he disclosed to me that he had a mental health disorder as well and was very open about it. I felt comfortable telling him because he had a mental health condition and I felt like he wouldn't look at me differently because of mine. What are your thoughts on not disclosing that you have a mental health condition to someone you are dating? I really don't know how to go about this

  2. Stigma isn't stronger for men- it's just different. We're supposed to be "tough" and "suck it up." Seeking help is a "weakness." I was just thinking of an old "Sopranos" episode where Tony (in denial about needing help) rants to his psychiatrist about showing his feelings and says "Whatever happened to Gary Cooper, the strong, silent type?" We're supposed to measure up to unrealistic models of manhood like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.
    In all my time at support groups and clinics, I'd say about ninety percent of those in attendance were women. I don't think men ask for help in as many numbers as women.
    It's very easy to get discouraged, even when you know all this stuff. I'll be refilling my pill box for the week and feel a twinge of shame that I need all these meds…

  3. I cannot tell you how many times my symptoms have been dismissed as "just woman issues," or "Oh she's just too sensitive." It honestly drives me insane.

    I am very lucky that my boyfriend has been supportive, telling me "You're not your illness, we will take one day at a time. If you have a bad day, that's ok. If you have a good day, that's great." He is truly the one partner who has been here and supportive of me for the past 2.5 years.

    So I totally understand being kind of pushed off because I'm "overreacting." It drives me crazy because if people would just learn about the disorder, I think they would have am easier tome relating to us instead of shaming us.

    Sorry for the rant, had to tell you how I'm feeling. Have a great week Hannah!

  4. Wow… nice boyfriend, trying to gaslight his girlfriend in front of a stranger by calling her "crazy"–to a female mental health advocate!!

  5. The way you feel towards stigma, can be best described as an assault on your emotions. To have someone blame an illness, for an ordinary reaction, is tough to deal with. I become sarcastic, and want to get to the real issue. By saying something that makes the situation worse. Then I here, “Did you take your medication today”?

  6. ah you brave soul. I too face all this shit. just have to say that when you mention time of the month – YES… hormones are not ever given enough credenece. tho.. yeh i think its beyond that. have fought it all my life.. just love wot you're sayin. thank you.

  7. Most my aunt"s on my Dad's side. have bipolar . I suppose that is why I have siezure's .I hope weman will give me a chance😁

  8. hey ms thank u for the notice my girlfriend/future wife is bipolar im with her at work all the time i don't care about her mental illness all i know im glad that god sent me down from the heavens a beautiful angel that brings joy to my heart everytime

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