Hey guys, it’s Hannah. Social anxiety is the fear of social situations and it’s a major problem for a lot of people living with bipolar disorder, including myself; which I think those around me would be really surprised to hear. But when I’m depressed, I completely withdraw from friends and family and social interactions become extremely stressful. One person who understands the struggle is rawsammi. We met her on her awesome YouTube channel and today she’s going to share what social anxiety is like for her. Hi Hannah. I’m going to tell you guys about what it’s like to deal with social anxiety. It’s really not fun. It’s really hard. It can make it hard to leave the house, to do what one would consider normal everyday things such as going to the grocery store or going to the post office. It’s really difficult. And when I’m in those situations, it’s really uncomfortable. I have a little bit of dissociation and panic. I have physical symptoms and also psychological symptoms. You know, hopefully I’ll be able to go into more detail with you guys later, but that’s the basics. And I feel that by taking anti-anxiety medication and also having someone going to be that can help a lot too. A couple of coping methods I use are affirmations and positive self-talk. I’ve been working on these recently and they’ve been really helpful. Every morning, I get up and I recite a couple of affirmations to myself. You know, “I’m worthy. I am confident. I radiate beauty, elegance and grace”. That’s real one of them. Okay, don’t be surprised. But it’s replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones. But what I want to know is: How does social anxiety affect your life and what are some of the coping tools you use? Please share your experiences in the comments section below. Thank you so much Sammi for sharing your experiences. Please subscribe to her YouTube channel as well as my own. And I look forward to seeing you next Monday. Bye.

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17 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder and Social Anxiety. Yikes!

  1. I suffer BP and agoraphobia. At times I am very sociable, too much so!

    Then at times, I cannot get out of the door. My bf on the other hand suffers from social phobia. I feel the two are very different.

    He says things like 'he will analyse everything a person has said to him' he will also analyse if he is walking towards someone, if he looks strange or they will say something about him behind his back.

    I don't get that at all. I get agoraphobia, where I become so overwhelmed by things like, catching a bus/train going to a busy place with loads of people about.

    I don't want the blinds up at home, I don't want the phone on, I won't answer the door.
    I feel like if I go outside, I will get vulnerable. I crash and lose energy and become so exhausted that I can barely get home. I am overwhelmed by people, situations, places, noise, light and I can't escape. My bf who is social phobic, is not like that at all. Mines about my senses. Too much light, too much space, too many sounds. Hope you liked my book lololol. xx

  2. Hannah, I have one thing I do to limit my social anxiety when going to the grocery store, etc. I listen to Audible. Right now, I'm listening to Jenny Lawson, author of Furiously Happy and Let's Pretend This Never Happened. She's hilarious and very real about mental health. So, I put on my headphones while I'm shopping and waiting in line, and that helps me to face the cashier when the time comes.

  3. I find music and humor helps me. I like Christian music because of the positive message. Even if aren't religious Pandora Christian Stations are great for mood. I also like to Color Mandalas. Listening to Audiobooks in my truck stereo. Cooking healthy meals, walking.

  4. I have these. Both of these. It is hard. Except even when I’m having an up episode, I still have my social anxiety.

  5. I've learned how to cook some really interesting and inventive meals with just what I happen to have in the cupboard when depression hits This is WAY easier than having to face the stress of horribly, over-stimulating supermarkets! 😉

  6. This you tube channel helps me heal.
    I have been in the Military, Homeless, Jobless, Rejected, But I am turning the tide. US Navy Division 273.

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