Hey, what’s up, y’all? It’s Hannah. Eating disorders and bipolar disorder. We usually talk about them
kind of separately, right? But in my life with bipolar 2 disorder, they
are very much connected. And I told my self in 2018 that I was going
to work on body and mind and open up about this part of my life with y’all. So, please also share your experience as well. I was 9 years old when I developed an eating
disorder known as bulimia. And it continued on for about 15 years. Sometimes it was extreme. Sometimes it wasn’t. But in the years right before my bipolar breakdown,
it became out of control. With bulimia, it was almost like I was forcing
those extremes out. When you live with a mental health condition,
you are so confused internally. And you feel internally flawed. You, yourself, feel and society makes you
feel like that. So you have to control something. How am I going to appear perfect and strong
to the world? Shortly after my diagnosis and treatment,
luckily the bulimia just kind of ended. But the image problems and that delusional
way of thinking about my appearance has always stayed. And still stays to this day. And it’s something I’m really working on this
year. I’m going back to therapy. And I want to hear your strategies for coping
with this. So please share this with those around you. And, of course, I can’t wait to see you next
week. Bye.

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9 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder and Eating Disorders

  1. I've struggled with an eating disorder , like full blown for the past three years , but I've suffered with self image issues since I was a kid . I'd plan calories and exercise regimens , even waking up out of my sleep to exercise when everyone was asleep . After failing my firefighter test , losing my dad , and just feeling lost I finally caved and stopped eating . Three years later and I still,struggle . It's gotten to a point where my mind tells me not to swallow or I forget how to chew or I literally fear the food in front of me . I have safe foods , but my family isn't wealthy so I just have to deal with what I have . It's strained relationships and almost killed me , yet here I am . Still screwing up

  2. The struggle never goes away. You manage the struggle better with goals and the right attitude. You're inspiration to anybody needing an attitude change. Thank You

  3. I recently read that bipolar individuals are 3X as likely to have an eating disorder than other individuals, and are 3X more likely to have sleep apnea problems. Thank you for talking about this. I binge eat sometimes, usually at night. Weight has been an issue for me, with my meds. I find that I do the best with my diet/exercise when I am not so hard on myself. When I eat, I think is this food to fuel my body, or am I just sad? I watch TV when I exercise. Most importantly, I forgive myself, and I am constantly looking forward.

  4. This is the puzzle i've been trying to solve . I somehow knew they were connected. I felt panic listening to your video. Must have made sense . I'm curled up in a ball in my head. Whenever I try to control the weight with a diet. I unravel quickly .Its black and white. Perfect abstinence or i'm rubbish and the uggliest woman on earth. I've started cbt therapy. Do you think this will help. Great video Hannah

  5. I have the opposite, I binge eat. I'm not obese, but I'm 15-20 pounds overweight from the last 3 years of uncontrollable eating. Haven't found a way to cope with it yet unfortunately :/

  6. I was diagnosed with bipolar and ptsd last year. Also just the other day I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. It’s a hard pill for me to swallow because I’d never thought I would have one. I’m just taking things one step at a time.

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