47 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Mental Health Unit (Season 1) | A&E

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  2. Agree or not, I feel very sorry for the “crazy” ones. I couldn’t imagine actually believing things are coming after me, they aren’t under the influence thinking these crazy thoughts, they’re real life sober inmates who can’t control their thoughts, emotions, or mental state… it would be absolutely horrible to have to go through something like that VERY traumatizing!!!☹️

  3. this job is no place for a woman, I don't care what this feministic demonic society wants to push, this is NO job for a female..

  4. brooo ngl I would fake mental health 100% and say it was the voices if I shanked someone lmao


  5. Okay so letting a very very violent unstable person out of jail who is literally saying I don’t know what I might do when I get out , free ? Hmmmm make it make sense America .

  6. I pray for these people! I have a client who is lucky enough to be at my program & has an amazing home. He does have episodes but it's all about reinforcement. I hope the man who is going be released seeks professional help not just for the society but for himself. I read a lot of Sigumend Freud, we definitely have a consciousness it's just not always good.

  7. They put predators in with the mentally ill. Actual cruelty, and it is sanitized as "policy". Welcome to 1984, people, it is already here.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these people have done things worthy of putting them in jail but they are still people… i May be wrong but is it not likely some of these people are in jail after committing a crime because they are not mentally ill… and here they are being locked away in an enclosed space… hmmm that’s deffo gonna help

  9. My brother suffer with schizophrenia and is currently in one of these facilities and I wish they had a program for free like bright quest

  10. This is the saddest thing for me my moms best friend got sick when she was in college but no body knew till it was to late she said “they” were trying to get her and she ended up committing suicide.

  11. When you think your crazy your not crazy buddy it’s the ones who act weird but think it’s normal mr moustache your not fooling anyone

  12. I honestly feel bad for the inmates that actually deal with severe mental illnesses but I hate when people that don’t have mental issues use that as an excuse for a crime.

  13. Mental because of drugs administered by psychiatrists, if you get into a fight in a psych ward they will inject you with a chemical straight jacket which is 100 times worse than being sprayed with gas

  14. The mentally ill like this should be PUT DOWN and not be released back into society to be a threat and a danger to the public…

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