Yeah I’m dying inside but you can’t see
you just wanna talk you just wanna criticise me I don’t have any problems unless you think
you know me I’ll be mad I’ll get angry , oh you never
saw me? Yeah i’m not the same i’m seeing a therapist
I spent a lotta nights crying like a kid tryina be the best now guess what ?
i’m taking a pill it’s so hot
WAIT I know it’s too late
never thought i’ll be so cold , i’ll be so old to fight this to fight my brain
it got me crazy , I’m kinda confused it’s so hazy , you know I’ll loose so
you know a lot now boy stop guiding me this isn’t me this isn’t you , it’s another
part of me this ain’t a play , this ain’t a game , i’m
loosing my way this my life , it could be worse but I saved
my day by writing a lotta verses , i’m not feeling
good man can you tell me where my nurse is ? I just wanna go back to
my stupid room man cuz I do not like your thoughts man
I don’t even like mine too Yeah I kinda knew what the problem is with everyone
I expect you to understand me , you think I’m rapping for fun ? I can do it but I’d rather say , true stuff
so I can find a way I can spit it with a fast flow , hold your
breath i’ll make your day ain’t nobody gonna understand me bro
ain’t nobody gonna feel what I feel tho ain’t nobody gonna write gonna fight gonna
cry gonna do gonna see what I saw tho everybody think i’m looking for fame
ain’t nobody know non about my pain ever since I was writing stories , I was a
kid I know non about my brain YEAH YEAH it’s getting so hard , I couldn’t believe
it’s nothing to you , it’s nothing to him , it’s something for me Yeah
it’s something for me boy , i’ll keep doing it (Yeah) nothing to fear (ugh) I’m showing it Yeah
I just wanna tell you why I wanna rap I’m having lotta mental issues can’t even
take a nap Am I scared ? I guess so
Am I afraid ? I’m pissed off Why am I thinking like that ?
I don’t know what am I scared of.

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