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business video of a woman testifying against the anti-discrimination
ordinance at the lincoln city council which one viral this week so many people
thought the stimulus and they want in the interview the woman or to recruit
killed the woman is better because of the wild anti-gay claims she makes and it turns out this is a mentally ill
woman who is actually uh… a protected person i
don’t know what that actually means in that particular state but i still
with something that she is not even fit to take care of herself yeah probably i
guess that means you can say whatever you want michigan say whatever she wants rather
yeah okay so this is some of the video and then walk into some or the
background about and and the most interesting thing about the video is the
guy who’s over her right shoulder who seems to be confuse the estate released about what’s
going on with the court flunkie days like she’s seen people can recieved the an i_n_s_ goes m_t_b_e_ mister
rupture and testify morality and justice more likely she’ll
get intelligence or a homicide getting defensive on the other hand
passes away weaver breaks another homicide later unesco united nations has gendron
bioethics consciences combined on the days go to gender studies decided
by left in the science in hospitals right children can be eliminated the fed’s
stated in this december eleventh article uh… don’t like that and i think that it turns out she was completely uh…
outta control but also completely out of a she’s had a huge percentage of gay men
in school grounds molest boys partly because they don’t have it needs yet she added whitney houston was found
without clothes in a bathtub every corpse found without clothes as a
partner who did away with them also talked about hillary clinton’s
roommate for four years in college being a gay woman arrow are no what the relevance of that is with the
you know no idea you can’t you not to key in on that as it turns out this is a woman who was
diagnosed with schizophrenia she shouldn’t be taken seriously her family
is in disbelief that this even spread the way it did so we’re not going to ridicule her i
think what’s fascinating about this willis and mental illness is very sad sometimes the distinction between mental illness
and rabid bigotry in homophobia is not that clear valign right i think
that’s really the remarkable thing the line was very blurry here we’ve had people on the show who have made similar claims the what
this woman is making and at least as far as we know they have been diagnosed as
schizophrenics or uh… are are under the care about but neither you nor is there any way you
would be very uh… he would be very strange if the whole
family where with our alluding to hear were schizophrenic right com but uh… rep right uh… who lives very
very sad time guest so when they said we may be what we need to be considering a
sometimes when it when i interviewed anti-gay nuts maybe they’re not anti-gay
notes there just schizophrenic like this woman well you should you don’t preach that the topic you
should maybe preface the whole interview by saying is it possible that you are
mentally ill as this woman wouldn’t know that if you ask their right but still let me just to cover our bases
week we could ask the question to get the quite accurate diagnosis of

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