(upbeat music) – What I would say to any woman struggling with her sense of self worth is that there are so many
parts to us, you know, so even the part of us
that isn’t kind to ourself or the part of us that is
luminous or the part of us that is terrified or the
part of us that is broken. All these parts are just
aspects of ourselves and they’re all trying
to tell us something and actually help us in some way and I usually just ask what
wisdom they have for me, what this part wants to get, you know, what message they wanna
get to me this part and also what action I can take. So it’s less about
being happy all the time where happiness is just a state. It’s a temporary state and it’s more about not fighting
these parts of ourselves that are trying to express themselves through our consciousness
and through our minds. The biggest social
justice movement or topic that I feel most
passionate about this year and all years frankly is
the idea of taking care of our bodies and trauma recovery and understanding personality disorders and understanding depression and anxiety and looking at mental
health and mental wellness. De-stigmatizing that to whatever degree that I can or we can collectively, being part of those movements
and just having a huge amount of empathy for the human condition. Because we’re a lovely and often powerful but very fragile bunch at times and I think empathy is a
little bit more needed. So that’s one of many.

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