hi I’m Andy Bailey from and the Emmys
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community now every morning I have Google Alerts go off well I shouldn’t
come into my inbox and tell me about certain things to do with multiple
sclerosis depression anxiety those kind of things so I can keep up to date with
what goes on in those things these are some of the things that have caught my
eye this morning we’ve got the social care system is in crisis okay with
patients receiving 15-minute visits what the hell are you gonna do with 15
minutes forget about it oh dear see what are you gonna do with 15 minute things
what are you gonna do what are you gonna do what you’re gonna do come in come in
hey yeah we’re gonna talk okay bye and forget about it hmm
what are you gonna do with 15 minutes there are some people that are only
getting one minute visits please please that’s unacceptable there are these are
the most vulnerable people in our society they’re elderly the disabled the
the mentally healthfully challenged people the vulnerable people and they’re
not getting proper thing I can understand where the NHS is coming from
they’ve got a cut corn not cut corners but cut costs it’s the bottom line
because other people are telling them that but you can’t just look at the
price because look at the cost of that my friend says his mum my Polish friend
says his mom says cheap is expensive and that’s so true especially in this case
if you’re keeping it out on on the assessments on the care on the system
within and looks after the vulnerable people that’s gonna cost you in the
future in palliative care in depression for the
people that are the carers oh there’s so many though a ripple effect go now so
you take care of this you take care of a lot of the other things happen but they
can’t do that because that bits expensive to do
they don’t look ahead to see when it costs in the future the bean counters
talking about bean counters the DWP bean counters they’ve got to review 220,000
benefit claims so people with mental health conditions like autism depression
anxiety etc etc all those people those kind of things are gonna be reassessed
and that’s because dwb have just messed it up and talking of bean counters the
bean counters work out that how much does it cost to refuse you your pip and
how much does it cost to fight it in court and then how much will it cost if
they get told to do the proper job and they worked it out and the balance is
it’s cheaper for them to say screw off me oh you can’t have nothing and then
people like oh shit alright then because you know they might have mental health
anxiety and they don’t want to cause a fast and they’re too guilty about stuff
cos being stigmatized for having mental health problems mmm or do they know that
only a certain amount of people will appeal only a certain amount of people
will take you to court judges have ruled that most of these cases that come into
the court for appeal shouldn’t even have got to the appeal the police used a
Crown Prosecution Service system and if they don’t have the evidence you don’t
get taken to court that’s how it works for criminals that’s why the everybody
the knives everyone me because police have got to prove it before they any
even tell you to call different with the dwb a tox and independent Assessors
because it’s cheaper for them to say no because they know that a certain
percentage enough people will not appeal for it to be more profitable to say no
than it would be to just give you what you deserve and that’s just business
that’s how it works unfortunately that’s the that’s the game
so you’ve got to appeal especially if you’ve got mental health problems all
your caring for someone with mental health problems like autism depression
anxiety etc so stay on it good news there for you yeah now some good news
they could drinking four cups of coffee might help your ms well mines the
cappuccino of I said don’t do encapture anymore because the milk makes me fat
milk is basically baby cow growing juice they would grow baby cows with with milk
I have soy milk now cuz I’m a hippie can is help huh
but I knew that caffeine is supposed to be good for you either got a recipe from
Jamie Oliver how to make granola dust which I have everyday with vanilla
soymilk oh it’s gorgeous with some frozen fruit in Israel uh Aimee GERD
it’s so good so caffeine I put bear caffeine in my
granola as caffeine is supposed to be good for you I don’t
I’m not sure it can be as simple as against just having drinks of coffee but
you know puppy now I want to tell you about anxiety or overcoming a particular
period of anxiety this is really good this system is something that I use
constantly when I’m anxious in the mornings okay look at this try this if
you start to get me shaky there’s a woman she called Mel Robbins she wrote a
book called five four three two one the five-second rule she did the audiobook
as well listen to it I’ve read it is brilliant and she’s only telling you
stuff that you already know the best thing about it is she’s not inventing
anything new she’s using references to Harvard and to medical studies and stuff
and really is a good thing but she says something in one of her books about
anxiety she says if you ever been in the car as a passenger drive it doesn’t
matter and a card just misses you like you like internally externally whether
it shows all night doesn’t matter in turning your boom and your brains out
Wow I need weed I then fight or flight or it’s okay it’s over calm down calm
down everything’s go over this guy was it
gradually together now anxiety is like having that but it happened at the
kitchen sink just you and there is a disconnect there from what your brain
can see and experience and what you’re actually feeling the chemicals that have
been released in your brain the adrenaline the cortisone whatever it is
that gets released when you reveal like that so that’s what
anxiety is to her and it does make sense so if you ever get that kind of oh
here’s something that will help you because I used it loads and it does work
it really does it worth Gojo okay when you’re on your own and you’re feeling it
dumb at no one I know are you doing it right listen look find five things right
the you can see actually look at the things okay I can see a blind I see a
lighthouse thing for my VR exam I can see my audio mixer flashing there I can
see the bottle of water that I used to drink water and I can see an off monitor
I can see their things don’t just pluck things that are able to be seen but
things are you see right now it’s called grounding that’s part of mind for us
four things that you can touch you can reach out and touch I can reach out and
touch this mouse I can reach out and touch a keyboard I can reach out and
touch this cable feel what that cables I use mindfulness again I can reach out
and touch a vicks vapor nasal never I can imagine what it smells like
talkative things three things that you can hear right now that you can actually
feel the vibrations going into your brain I can hear the fan on the computer I can in the fridge downstairs gonna I can either rain outside hitting some
windows and we’re mindful things you can actually hear not things that can be
heard okay two things that you can smell I can smell the soap on my hands the
vanilla soap or lush I really like that so I like it a lot
well I can smell it is warm from the radiator it’s got that smell you know
yeah I know one thing that you can taste now this is something you could lick us
puros but i prefer something that can already taste cuz there’s always a
memory of something that i tasted before oh it’s the steamed veggies I had for
lunch I’ve tasted even the cheese right and that is the kind of thing the
mindfulness thing and that’s how you can reconnect and once you’ve done that you
realize you’re not anxious anymore just take five things five four three two one
just take a moment do it well worth it may I like it now good news if you have
a zit acne is increase risk of depression isn’t that good news they
would look I’m gonna spot oh good no the what they’re saying is within the
first five years about my acne you’re more likely to get depressed I remember
I got well sad and depressed one of those gonads is it actually I wasn’t I
was almost quite proud of that aspect we gonna draw a big circle ads are going
sit with a big arrow but when you get older is different and so now they’re
advising doctors in the first five years keep an eye out for depression and
depressive signs and people and GPS are trained to notify and notice these
things so those are the things that picked out in the news today I am loony
o of the geek fun I am Andy Bailey on M s video diary and Andy an MS on YouTube
and loony fun on some other streaming places by Mandy this has been the MS
news today this morning welcome see you later – louve did it oh I could do that
you know

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