Let’s create a family of characters designed from days of the week. Some might argue that the first day of the week is Sunday, But I like to think of the start of the week as Monday and what I think Monday I think Everybody hates it for some reason, but I also do think that it’s a fresh start to the week. It’s new. It’s young like a child. Children are young. Wow. That that was a weird start. And now I’m starting to think should I have drawn an infant, baby Because it’s fresh and new like a Monday? Okay, so when I think Monday everybody hates Monday. Especially if there’s that one person who’s always cheery always happy always positive and you were just waking up to Monday, you’re recovering from a hangover for the weekend and you’ve got this really cheerful Co-worker that she hate but we’re not going to do coworkers. We’re doing family members and when I think energetic and fun and happy I think of a little child, like I said, and personally, I don’t like children. I think they’re a little annoying. So for me this kind of works in place of annoying co-worker. Kids are a little overactive for me. They’re just a little much and this girl in particular is super hyper. She’s super energetic. She’s always in someone’s business. Asking questions being curious being hyper just a ball of energy that you don’t want on a Monday morning basically. And that’s her. So to put that description into a visual character, I decided to go with a very round friendly looking happy girl with lots of color a big smile on her face, and she’s energized and just ready to go. She’s got her tutu on she’s ready for ballet class, even though she’s going to school. There’s candy in her hair. She’s thrown sparkles in her hair. She just wants things to be bright and colorful and happy. She’s ready to start Monday! Despite everybody hating it she’s very energetic and ready to go. I knew I had to make her chunky because I wanted to incorporate that round friendly shape of a character design and of course lots of bright colors. Her ballerina outfit is purple, but I thought it would be really cute to put red and blue in her hair to, I guess, suggests that those two colors combined make purple. Also I just wanted more colors. The more colors the more happy and she’s a very happy character. And that’s Monday, ready for the day but maybe a little too excited. [Music] But before we continue I want to give a huge thank you to the sponsor of this video Skillshare. Y’all. Your journey as an artist never ends. I always need to improve and thanks to skillshares thousands of classes covering any creative skill you can think of I can keep improving and learning. This month I wanted to focus on character design and I found so many classes on Skillshare covering just that. Holy heck it was really hard to narrow it down But I found a lot of useful information from Christine Nishiyamas course. I was especially drawn to her class because she focuses a lot on shape and color and y’all know I love exaggerating shapes in my art. She talked about how much personality you can see in the character just from the shapes you use which is something I incorporated into these character designs. An annual subscription to Skillshare is less than ten dollars a month and thanks to the sponsorship you can sign up for two month free trial!
Just follow the link in the description. Onward to Tuesday and when I think Tuesday, I think What is going on on Tuesday? You have Monday the start of the week. Everyone hates it. Tuesday is- is what? So going into this character design I thought Tuesday is going to be somebody who is a nobody because there’s just nothing special about Tuesday. I feel like almost every day has some sort of defining feature except for Tuesday, and I wanted to make Tuesday as plain of a character as possible. He’s not popular. He’s not attractive but he’s not particularly ugly either. He tries his best to stand out but in the end he’s pretty shy and somehow everybody seems to never notice him. He gets talked over in conversations. He’s basic. He’s boring. He’s bland but to be honest, he doesn’t really mind that he enjoys life just kind of coasting. He hasn’t quite found his fashion sense yet, so sometimes he likes to try some crazy patterned shirts and to him a crazy patterned shirt is a simple polka dot which later you will see he tries to get his fashion sense from his dad but he he doesn’t really adapt to it well, I suppose. It’s just not him. He’s- He’s bland and that’s him. He’s the oldest son of the family, so I feel like he got kind of brushed to the side as younger members started to get born. He’s mature but he’s a little sloppy. His shirt buttons are a little unaligned. He forgot to wear a sock. He hasn’t shaved that sad sad mustache in a few days. He works at a job he doesn’t feel passionate about but he’s happy. He’s comfortable. He’s Tuesday. [Music] Wednesday is…. Well, Wednesday’s a hump day and I feel like with a hump the shape of a hump you get you have your ups you have your downs, and let me tell you really quick do I not regret not making Wednesday hump day the family dog. I mean think about it. Hump day. Dogs. Am I 12?
Yes. So going for the shape of a hump and not so much the verb of a hump I decided to go with someone that might have her ups her downs. She’s the mom. She has a lot of struggles in her life because raising five kids, that’s- that’s a task of its own. I’m sure not everything can be happy. They all can’t be high humps. Some of the humps are at the base of the hump before it goes upwards. Does that make any sense? I don’t know what I’m saying. So basically I wanted to make Wednesday kind of a wildcard character because I feel like you never know what you’re going to get from Wednesday because she has her ups and downs so frequently. With Wednesday, you’re at the middle of the week and it either feels very long or very short. Heck Maybe she’s even cooking naked because you guys I can’t go one video without drawing somebody naked. I did originally, as you guys saw, put a shirt and pants on her but with those curves I had to make her naked. And for the parents of this family I kind of made them into these free spirit characters. Maybe they used to be hippies back in their day. They’re just very… They’re- They’re characters. So here we have our mother. She’s got some art tools and some cooking tools in her hands as well as her pocket. Is that a kitchen apron or is that an art apron? Who’s to say? So I wanted to push those round shapes with her to make sure that you knew she was a very friendly and nice mom but she’s got this triangular nose. That’s where she stores all of her stern strong energy. In her nose. Don’t be fooled by her curves she’s got some strong will in her. She can be mean if she has to be. I also wanted to make sure that you knew she was the mom so I put a lovely gray stripe in her hair and she’s just a really fun character and I really like her. It’s Wednesday. Who doesn’t like a Wednesday? You’re halfway through the week. [Music] Following Wednesday is of course Thursday, but when I think Thursday I can’t help but think Friday. So Thursday is definitely going to be a character that is again like Tuesday a little overlooked but there’s something cute about Thursday. Thursday is always in the shadows of Friday But as a character, this is a really adorable feature. I made Thursday the youngest member of the family and he really looks up to his big brother, Friday, because everyone loves Friday and Thursday wants to be that. Thursday wants to be the popular guy. Thursday wants to be just as cool as his big brother Friday. So I drew this adorable tiny little boy he is just looking up at his big brother, which will make a lot more sense when all the characters are together in one image, but for now we have this cute little boy just looking up his big brother just admiring him and wanting to be everything he is. Technically he does have two older brothers but Tuesday is so much older than him and has already moved out of the house and has a job so he’s not around much. Plus, let’s be honest, Friday is so much cooler than Tuesday. Friday is probably still in high school. So he’s still at home where he can spend time with Thursday. And what could he say? He wants to be just as loved as Friday, even though it will never happen. But it’s not all bad. Everybody loves Thursday. He’s a chill cute little boy. Whenever they see Thursday that means Friday’s around the corner. So every time someone sees Thursday alone in public, they’re like
“Oh, where’s where’s Friday? You must be with Friday.”
and sure enough around the corner comes Friday probably taking Thursday out for some pizza because he’s the best big brother. So overall you can’t hate Thursday. What’s there to hate? [Music] That’s right, it’s Friday. It’s finally here. The weekend. The day everybody has been looking forward to. The most popular day of the week, Friday. So going to this character design I didn’t want him to be a complete Party goer. I didn’t want him to be, for lack of better words, a douchebag. But I did want him to be a cooler type character because a lot of people like to go out and party on Fridays. Friday is a day to celebrate because it’s the start of the weekend. It’s the cool day. It’s the most popular day. It’s Friday. So going into this character design I wanted to create someone cool but maybe once you opened the cover of that book you realize that they’re a really cool character in the sense that they are caring, they’re sweet, very considerate and just overall a really nice guy despite his appearance. Friday will go out partying with his friends at the drop of a hat if they ask but he does really enjoy spending the night in with his little brother, Thursday. He always puts family first and as much as he loves partying, he can definitely have a lovely day in playing video games. Originally I was thinking about making twins for this character. One could be the party goer and the other could be a stay at home. So I wanted to I guess represent both the extrovert and introvert parts of a Friday, but hopefully he looks like an ambivert. I don’t know. So I wanted to create a somewhat typical maybe jock character because whenever I think of a popular character I do think, you know, high school. The jock. The cool kid. His hair is dyed blonde. He’s got really cool shoes. But I did want to channel those really calm and cool colors, so instead of making a jacket red, which is something I would typically do, I made it a nice cool blue. So you know this character is a little bit more on the chill side. So hopefully I was able to convey a character that is really cool but also has a lot of family values and the more I talk about these characters the more it sounds like I’m designing a sitcom. Oh No. [Music] So if Friday is the fun party goer who is Saturday? Well, we need a dad character and I thought it would be really interesting to make the dad character well… free like Saturday. When I think Saturday, I think it’s a day off for people. They’re free. So I thought maybe- Maybe the dad character is sort of a free spirit in the sense that he does a lot of traveling. His work calls for him to travel the world but at the same time maybe he’s the business owner so he can definitely make his own hours and he’s coming in and out of the house a lot. He’s traveling, bringing presents home for the family, but he’s also very outgoing and interesting character because honestly Saturday can go either way for people. So for me personally I work seven days a week. So Saturday for me is just another workday. I’m working on YouTube videos, answering emails, all that fun stuff. But some people they work a nine-to-five. They only work Monday to Friday, so they definitely have Saturday off. Do they do something fun or are they going to do worker on the house? Again, it could go either way. So even though this character is definitely a very hard worker, he’s always traveling taking care of business, He’s very goofy and has a fun personality. I would love to think of Saturday as fun, but sometimes things just don’t work out. So his outfit shows that he he can be business if he needs to. He’s got his button-up. But he also has a very interesting sense of fashion. Because he is a business owner he can kind of dress the way he wants. He’s got a denim vest, why not, and the pattern on his shirt is going to be very bright and vivid and interesting and he has a very short tie. A tie that has a pattern that clashes with his shirt. And then I thought it would be really cute to include aspects from the other family members or more specifically just the younger two kids. So the younger girl Monday, she loves purple and Thursday, he loves yellow. So he has little bits here and there like his tie is purple and yellow striped, he’s got some buttons on his vest that are purple and yellow, and a patch that his wife fixed onto his pants that is purple and yellow. So that’s Saturday. He’s he’s wild. He’s out there he’s having fun. but also he can work if he needs to. [Music] And finally we have Sunday. Our final day of the week our final character and honestly she might be my favorite character design. Sunday means not only the end of the week but the end of the weekend and everyone usually gets pretty sad. They think about all the things they didn’t accomplish over the weekend. It means they have to go back to work on Monday, and everyone hates of Monday. Sunday also hates a Monday. She is way too energetic way too colorful way too happy and Sunday does not like that. She- she’s too chill. She’s trying to just listen to some hardcore music in her room and Monday’s always busting in trying to play with her and she’s got kind of an attitude. So it is annoys her, you know, she’s a teenager. So I wanted to make Sunday into kind of a downer character. She’s not happy. She’s dark. She’s cynical. She’s a goth. I know typically Sunday is associated with a religious day. It’s Sunday, people people do religious things, but I thought it would be kind of funny to do the complete opposite. She’s dark. She’s scary. She’s mad. She’s angry. She sad. She’s all the negative emotions that come with the end of something good ending. It’s Sunday. So like I said, she was definitely one of my more favorite characters to design. It was just really fun to embrace that goth and all the dark colors and have her really sassy looking. She’s definitely in the 15 or 16 range. She’s not going through a phase, mom. She’s rebellious. She’s dying her hair crazy colors. I thought making her red and black and dark overall would be a very easy way to tell who she is as a character, especially from a design point. Red is a harsh angry intense color whereas blue is a lot more calming. So I definitely wanted to stick to those warm and dark colors. Lots of sharp triangular edges with her. There’s not much about her that’s round, so you’re definitely not seen an inviting character with her. Body language tells it all. She’s got her hand on her hip. She’s looking sassy.
Her eyes are half closed. She’s frowning.
And everybody has attitude on Sunday night thinking about going back to work on a Monday. [Music] And there are all seven days of the week designed into characters of a family. Let me know in the comments, which character design is your favorite? And again, thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video! Don’t forget to get your 2 month free trial.
Link in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching. Stay golden. Bye! [Music]

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64 thoughts on “7 CHARACTERS OF THE WEEK – Designing A Family From Days

  1. I was thinking about Monday as a stressed out dad that works on a company he regrets working onto with his face all droopy and sad and his back is hunched a little

  2. i absolutely love this video – seeing all the characters come together in the end, and hearing you talk about all of them?? A+++ will watch this one a thousand times

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  5. mondays are more boring in my opinion and its a slow day where i feel tired

    tuesdays end monday which is awsome

    wendsdays and thursdays are alike just thursdays are a bit cooler because the next day that comes is friday

    friday is awsome and fun and is better than all the other days and just sets u free

    saturday is a day where nothing really happens but rest

    sunday is where the weekend is over and you need to hurry up and have fun while it lasts but its sad and stuff

  6. Monday = School (Hate it)
    Tuesday = School (Hate it)
    Wednesday = School (Hate it)
    Thursday = School (Hate it)
    Friday = Last day of school in this week (FINALLYY)
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    Sunday = 1 more day before another school (HATE ITT)

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