22 Psychology Tricks That Work On Anyone! 22. “Ben Franklin Effect”
This psychology trick for getting someone to like you is dubbed the “Ben Franklin
Effect.” It stems from a story about Franklin using
this technique to get a difficult political rival to warm up to him. Franklin knew he needed his rival’s alliance
in the near future, so he kindly asked if he could borrow a special, rare book that
his rival owned. Ultimately, they become lifelong friends. The idea is that people will start to like
you – if They do a favor for You. You heard me. Just kindly ask someone to do something simple
for you. If they do it, they will usually be inclined
to do another. His or her mind will tell them that they like
you, basically, because human beings do nice things for the people they like. 21. Word Play
Dating can be rough. There are even buzzwords like “ghosting”
and others, to describe the scene. So, it helps to have a good trick to help
find out if someone really likes you. Here it goes. When they speak, choose a word in your mind. And every time your crush uses the word or
phrase, smile and nod. If they like you, they will start saying the
word or phrase all the time. It sounds strange, but try it and let us know
if it worked! 20. Dad Knows Best
You can tell your friend to ice their swollen ankle, but she might just let it go in one
ear and out the other. If you really want her to take you seriously,
tell her that your father taught it to you. No one really questions the advice of dad,
or even mom, for that matter. In fact, when you trot out “My mom (or dad)
always taught me…,” you are more likely to be taken seriously. 19. Rock, Paper, Scissors
Do you always get stuck doing the chores because your roommate insists on playing rock, paper,
scissors to determine who must do them? Now you can turn the tables! Just before playing, ask them a random question
like, “Hey, did it rain today?” Or anything you can think of. It will result in confusing them, and they
will most likely choose scissors. So, you can comfortably throw rock each time
for the win. 18. Part The Crowds
Crowded, busy streets crammed full of hustling people can be a total drag, especially before
coffee. If you’re trying to get to where you’re
going, and don’t want to dodge people to do it, try this handy trick. People tend to look other people in the eyes
in crowded places to determine which direction they’re going. You know when you awkwardly step left and
they step right, and you nearly crash into each other? Haha, good times. Well, if you want to avoid all that, simply
look right in front of you, in the direction that you’re headed. They’ll see that you are not looking to
go left or right. And so, people will move out of the way to
avoid running into you. 17. The Power of Choice
This trick works beautifully on kids, in particular. If you have, or are around kids, no doubt
you’ve asked them to put on their shoes; only to be met by tears and chaos. Next time, instead of asking, pose things
as a choice. You’ll be amazed at how well that works. For example, instead of saying, “Put on
your shoes NOW!” Try this: “Which shoes do you want to wear
– the pink ones or the sparkly ones?” It will result in a clear choice because your
child will feel like she is in charge, and have some control over their decisions instead
of being told what to do. It can be quite empowering for the little
ones. Try it out with food, too. If she’s complaining about dinner, smile
and ask sweetly if she’d like two carrots or four carrots. Whichever number she picks is insignificant. She’ll be eating carrots, and for that you
can pat yourself right on the back. 16. Give ‘em the ol’ Huck Finn
Huck Finn got his friends to help him paint that fence by telling them it was fun. It was a nice bit of psychology that helped
him to get everyone else to do his work. You can do the same with your friends. So, if you run into your friends as you get
back from the supermarket, as you’re in the midst of talking, hand over a bag of stuff
and they’ll take it without noticing! It works fabulously on people you’re close
to. For people you don’t know as well, it might
cause them some confusion; but it’s still usually works, and it’s fun to watch their
reactions. 15. Warm Hands, Warm Heart
That’s what they’ve said for years. So when you’re going to an important meeting,
an interview, a first date, or anything where you’ll be meeting people for the first time
and handshakes are likely, make sure your hands are warm enough. A warm handshake brings about a friendly atmosphere. And cold hands? You guessed it. Uncomfortable first impression, almost like
nails on a chalkboard for your soul. 14. Say It Again, Sam
When someone is talking to you, like a friend or prospective lover, or even a superior you
want to favor you, paraphrase what they just said to you. They will feel as though you are a great listener. However, you don’t want to go overboard,
or you’ll make them think you’re imitating them or being sarcastic. Do it with key points. And in business, that’s a great tactic because
it also allows for any misinterpretation to be cleared up immediately. 13. Help Me, Please
Want help from someone? It’s just so simple to ask. Really, it works. Just start off your request with “I need
your help.” A respectful, direct request for help is powerful. Most people won’t refuse because they hate
feeling guilty about not helping someone. 12. Convert The Haters
Do you have someone at the office that you think hates you? Try this easy trick. Ask them if you can borrow a pen or pencil. While people don’t usually help those that
they dislike, when you ask for something so small, it’s hard to say no. It looks petty if they do, especially if they
have a whole bunch of pens and pencils on their desk, and if other coworkers can see
you. Of course, return it when you’re finished. The goal, or hope, here is for that person
to eventually surmise that you’re not all that bad of a person after all, and, ideally,
your relations might improve. Let us know if you try this. I like to see the good in people and am hopeful
this will work. 11. Get the 4-1-1
You can get information from your friends, even if they’re reluctant to tell you. Ask a question, and if they seem as though
they’re hiding something, just keep eye contact and stay silent for several seconds. That’s the kind of uncomfortable silence
Uma Thurman’s character Mia Wallace talks about with Vincent Vega in the famed Jack
Rabbit Slim’s scene from Pulp Fiction. It works. It gets them talking. This is a good sales tool for negotiating,
as well. 10. Stop Conflict With Food
Food! Is there anything it can’t do? If things seem tense with your group or even
just one-on-one…. EAT. Literally start eating in front of them. Food makes us feel comfortable in our environment. So if you’ve made someone mad, start to
eat something at that moment, and this will help subdue conflict. There was an actual case where a guy eating
pizza stepped between two guys that were fighting and saved the day. Well, pizza saved the day, but still. 9. Stalk Your Stalker
If you feel like you’re being watched, you can try this simple trick to catch someone
in the act. Since yawns are highly contagious, just yawn
a couple times. Make sure you can be seen doing your yawn. Then look around and see if anyone behind
or near you is yawning. If there are no yawners back there, then probably
no one was watching you. Test it on that guy you like at work. If you’re not sure if he’s interested
in you, just yawn and keep watch. If you catch him catching your yawns, he’s
definitely paying attention to you. Geez, I actually just yawned, just talking
about yawns. How about you? 8. Stop The Music! Here’s what to do when that awful, annoying
song from the radio comes on AGAIN. We’re looking at you, bleep…insert name
of your annoying song. Or maybe your kids keep belting out that line
about Letting Stuff Go yet again. These songs wedge themselves deep into the
fibers of your brain; which sings it back to you over and over at 3am. Well, you CAN stop the madness. To rid yourself of these songs, as well as
all terrible songs in the world, think of the ending of the song. Your mind will feel complete, thinking the
song has finished, as far as it knows. Then your brain can go on to focus on other
things. Like counting sheep! 7. All Aboard
If you want everyone to agree with the things you’re saying, start nodding your head while
you say the things you want them to agree with. The nodding subconsciously gets the other
person to believe that the things you’re saying are true. Try not to laugh, but they will also begin
to nod. But more importantly, they will agree with
you. It’s useful for making a good impression,
but use this trick wisely. You can’t use it on everyone. 6. Another Conflict Killer
You don’t need food for this one. When you gather with a group and you think
someone might start a fight with you, choose to sit next to that person. It seems counterintuitive to sit next to someone
you feel might be aggressive toward you. But, it becomes very awkward for them to do
it if you’re next to them instead of on the other side of the table. They have to turn their body, and being so
close to them makes things more personal. Plus, they can’t hide in the group’s circle,
so it changes the dynamic. 5. Aim High
For those times when you want to negotiate more money, or more of anything really, start
off with an insanely higher amount than what you want to ask for. The person will, of course, say no if the
sum is high enough. Then, ask again for the amount you really
want. They’ll feel so bad for telling you no the
first time, that they’ll most likely agree to it this time around. It’s been called establishing a psychological
high. It works like a charm. People like to feel like they’ve also accomplished
something in the deal, too. So, they will feel good about themselves if
they are able to negotiate you down. So remember to start high, so you both win. 4. Remember Me
One trick to make people remember you favorably is to use the mind to your advantage. We often remember the beginning and ending
of something, but the middle becomes a bit of a blur. For interviews, try to be the first or the
last one interviewed. And on dates, try choosing a time at the beginning
or ending of the day. Make sure you are at your best at the beginning
and ending of these times, too. Also, this trick works on studying; which
is why experts recommend you only study for 20 minutes at a time before taking a short
break, instead of studying for hours on end. 3. Mirror, Mirror
Build trust quickly and effectively by mirroring the body language of the person you’re talking
to. Just do it in a subtle way or they’ll feel
like you’re mocking them. By staying subtle, you seem in sync, and when
people feel you’re in sync, they’re more likely to trust you. This works in person. And, it also works on the phone. Mirror the speed and nuances of the person
you want to trust you. 2. Need For Speed
Want to really bond with your new crush? Do something that spikes the adrenaline together. It could be simply seeing a scary movie. Experiencing an adrenaline rush with that
person will convince them they are truly enjoying their time being with you. They may very well like you prior to this. But that adrenaline rush builds a bond, and
that’s a good thing. Added bonus: you can see how they handle stressful
situations. 1. Get the Last Laugh
Ever sit down at an office meeting that’s all laughs? Watch who each person in the group looks to
first. Whoever they look at first is the person whose
company they enjoy the most. And that could be very telling for office
relationships or who the boss favors. Outro:
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