Greeting from Nasirullah Psychotherapy Unit & I’m Md. Zahir Uddin, the associate professor of National Institute of Mental Health. In our country, 16% adults are mentally ill & about 18.35% are children. Because of superstition, people don’t take proper steps & that’s why the disease stays longer. Today we’re going to talk about it. In Bangladesh, there’ve been many researches on how these things provoke people. In one research, it has been seen that 77% people believe that being in touch with a mental patient or with their family can provoke them. And 66% people take the patients to the quacks rather than the actual doctors which prolongs the illness. It increase mental health diseases suffering. If we take a look at the newspapers, we can see that charlatans and exorcists torture the sick patients & eventually they die. But there’re proper treatments for mental illness. In many public hospitals, mental health doctors or psychologists provide people with their service. Moreover, there’re clinical psychologists who help in overcoming the situation. I’ve talked to many people. One guardian told me that she thought her child was mentally ill because she got abused. After asking her how, she said there’re ways of tying spirits with human bodies those spirits hurt the humans. eventually the spirit makes the person mentally ill . The guy who thinks like this, will never see a doctor. He/she will straight go to a charlatan or exorcist to free the spirit. But this is not the way In National Institute of Mental Health, when a patient gets admitted we see all the signs of spirits are disappeared. Everyone needs to get out of these superstitions. Another guardian told me that giving their children married off, can solve this illness . She’s planning on to give her child married off to cure the illness. This is totally a misconception. Many parents are doing these as a cure. But what’s the reality? The reality is medicine, psychotherapy. Marriage is not the treatment. The person who can’t take her/his own care, who can she/he look after a family? On this note, I would like to define the term ‘’mental illness’’. Mental illness has many symptoms. These symptoms are way too strong which can create problems in job, personal as well as student life. Even social bonds will fall apart. Moreover these strong symptoms stay more than 6months. We consider these symptoms as a mental illness sign. But not triggered by any medicine. And if it’s done by any medicine or physical illness, it won’t be considered to be mental illness. It’s time to leave these misconceptions. We need to ease people’s suffering & we need to understand that there’re scientific treatments for mental illness. we shouldn’t be following these misconceptions. For creating awareness of mental health, ShikhteChai and Nasirullah Psychotherapy Unit are working together. If you like our videos, please like comment and share. Stay with us & subscribe to our Youtube channel .

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